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Who we are

Making Companies Better through a Passion for Removing Inefficiencies

Ask John what his pet peeve is and he will unabashedly exclaim, “Inefficiencies!” It is his quest for efficiency that has driven many of his life choices. It motivated him to marvel at the evolution of technology growing up, caused him to learn how to make Excel and Access do his bidding, and invited a co-worker at his last job, at a Phoenix-based construction company, to say in hushed tones, “Please don’t automate any more of my job.”

Eliminating inefficiencies is also the drive to support his clients in improving their businesses. He knows downtime, slow processes, and bloated solutions are inefficient. His motto – he wants to Make Companies Better!

Marla Finnigan

Managing Director

Marla started her college career as an architecture major who started coding at her first job out of college. She changed majors to English and actually got a job with her degree. There she tired of having to wait for the IT staff to make small changes to courses she was developing – so she began digging into the code to do it herself. She found she really enjoyed it. After finishing her MBA, she began enabling Office Smith LLC clients do the projects they are good it - by providing a reliable IT infrastructure and custom software solutions.

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